Interested in being sponsored by Redline Fresh?

Redline Fresh is allowing previous customers who love our products the opportunity to join our sponsorship program.

We are looking for our fans who love our products a chance to earn 10% store credit when they promote our brand / items.

In order to join our sponsorship program you will need to have made a previous purchase of one air freshener and one scent. We are not handing sponsorships out like candy but allowing our fans who love our items help promote and earn some kick back to get new air fresheners / scents / items in the future. We want to reward our loyal customers with this perk of promoting a great product and earning 10% back in store credit.

When you become a sponsored member you will be given a discount code and a special link. The discount code will give your friends / family / followers 10% off their whole order. In return, you will earn 10% store credit of their purchase. Yes you can use your code on personal purchases to save 10% off instantly and earn 10% store credit (That's a quick 20%). The link will tie any order to your account allowing you to earn 10% store credit even if they return at a future date and don't use your code. The URL is great to put in your social media bio's or anywhere clickable.

We will be having special giveaways / promos and deals for all of our sponsors each month.

Interested in joining our program? Hit the registration button below to sign up. Be sure to have your previous order number handy.